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10 tips for unforgettable travel photos and Film Making

Capture the ideal light
With the so-called available light photography (ambient light photography) you can get beautiful shots even in poor light conditions. In order not to make mistakes and ensure quality results, the so-called golden hour light is always recommended. At this particular time of day, the sun is very low – and in fact we talk about the first and last light of the day. The sunrise and sunset, usually characterized by a red color, make the colors more intense and reproduce shadows with more pronounced contours. Even the atmospheric light of the sky, after sunset, is ideal for taking pictures. The blue hour instead follows the golden hour and at this moment the sky shines with a wonderful blue before becoming completely dark.

Unusual perspectives for original photographs
To get interesting and varied photos – especially when you want to portray the details of a city – you should try to change perspective. Why not lie down on your stomach or take a picture curled up? Attention: unusual perspectives and orientations could generate undesired distortions. The so-called falling lines are optical errors that make the buildings appear photographed distorted or that convey the impression that your subjects fall backwards. With the Tilt-Shift technique you can avoid this optical distortion. It doesn’t matter whether it’s landscapes or cities – thanks to this technique any type of subject you will photograph will have an unmistakable optic.

Architectures photographed with a bottom-up perspective – tips for travel photos
And for roof a sky of stars
There is nothing nicer than lying under a starry sky and relaxing. With the right camera settings, and a few little tricks, you’ll be able to reproduce all the beauty and magnificence of a starry sky. The correct combination of exposure time and aperture settings is the starting point for night shots. For the settings we recommend low ISO values ​​and an open diaphragm. The exact combination of these two parameters, however, must be evaluated from time to time, in the individual situations. Also remember to turn off the autofocus and focus manually so that the stars are as sharp as possible. With a little patience and practice, you will get night shots from real professionals.

Attention to detail
The details of nature and the objects of everyday life are ideal subjects for your photographs. With macro photographyyou can bring out these details that, with the naked eye, would be difficult to grasp. After all, it’s the little things that make life special. By focusing on the main subject of your photo, you will get a blurred background and a perfectly focused subject. To get quality photos we advise you to take your camera and get as close as possible to the subject to be portrayed. If you use a smartphone or a compact camera, it is advisable to use the macro mode now present in all models. If you have a reflex camera, take advantage of the specific macro targets available. If you don’t have this type of lens, you can get close-up photos in perfect focus even with a telephoto lens.

Photograph of a traveling child – natural and dynamic
When the family is the protagonist of your photos
Vacation time means for many families time to spend with their children. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a long vacation or a short trip of one or more days. To obtain natural and authentic photos it is important to portray children spontaneously, when they do not know they are the protagonists of a shot. Children immediately change expression when they know they are photographed and lose their spontaneity. With a few little tricks you will be able to take photos, selfies and portraits with children who are real and natural. First you need to find the right place and time. If you can recreate a fun atmosphere, you’re already halfway there and your photos can only be natural.

Cultures and people from distant worlds
Photographing cultures different from ours allows us to capture unique emotions and impressions. New subjects and situations, regardless of what you want to photograph, automatically give faces and moments that deserve to be immortalized in a photo. Alongside the classic attractions, it is the people who meet during a journey that deserve to remain in the memory and that cannot be missing from your personal travel report. Being able to portray these moments allows you to always take them with you and relive them even after your holiday is over.