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Tips for making videos with a GoPro action camera

On Youtube and many other video portals have been uploaded in recent years incredible shots of acrobatics of various types of sports. Do you want to shoot a movie that will make your audience’s adrenaline rise? Beginners know this: making a good movie with a GoPro is anything but child’s play. The next five tips will help you understand how to get the most out of a GoPro machine.

The support
Shooting breathtaking acrobatics and reckless maneuvers have no effect if the final movie is shaky and shaky. For this a correct support for the camera is the starting point for every well-made movie. It is equally important that the camera is fixed as tightly as possible to the support so that the images, even in situations of high speed or sudden movements, are not moved.

A widespread problem in standard action camera media is the material they are made of. The plastic used can usually fold easily and be not very strong. To make sure the camera is securely attached to the holder, you can use adhesive tape. This way you can also prevent the field of view of the machine from changing involuntarily during shooting. If you want to be 100% sure that you don’t lose your GoPro, you should further tie the car with a stop cable.
The design
The temptation to start filming immediately after purchasing a new GoPro is so great and understandable. But those who want to achieve satisfactory results should always spend some of their time at the design stage. First you should make sure that the battery is charged and that there is enough memory for the video.

In order for the final films to be really as you had imagined them, you should first make sure that the framing set reflects the idea you had in mind. For this you can connect your smarpthone to the camera via WLAN and change the settings if necessary. It is very important, for filming that lasts several days, that the shot material is saved little by little to avoid losing all the long work done.

The perspective
To make really interesting movies, the action cameras provide, thanks to their wide-angle lens, many possibilities for experimentation. The classic shots reflect what is a subjective perspective, namely that of the subject performing the shot. This is the case of films made by fixing the machine to the helmet. But what effects could be obtained if, for example during a jump with the mountain bike, the GoPro was fixed to the munubrio, or if during a crossing at sea it was on the highest point of the tree? Your imagination has no limits and different shots from the usual can only give a touch of originality to your videos.
Beginners should try to change perspective often during a movie, so as to avoid presenting videos that are too boring for viewers. Secondly, they could take, for example, mountain bike jumps, from an external perspective, to make the video even more spectacular.
The light
For quality films, another decisive element, which often cannot be changed at will, is light. Sunlight is obviously ideal for good image quality and beginners in the industry should, at least initially, avoid backlighting in the most absolute way. Otherwise, bright halos could be obtained that make the images completely unusable. With time it is possible to learn to manage the backlight and the poor lighting conditions, and indeed these conditions can be exploited to create interesting artistic effects.

Especially in the case of long shots, care should be taken that the scene is filmed with the same lighting and weather conditions. If you cannot and thus get a video in which the sun alternates with an overcast sky, you can adjust this small error during the editing phase by editing the video.